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From Tuesday to Tuesday

De martes a martes

Juan’s passion is bodybuilding, but he earns his living working in a garment factory where he is constantly bullied by his boss and co-workers for his muscular physique. He keeps to himself and quietly dreams of quitting to set up his own gym. But first, he needs to come up with the money. One night, Juan witnesses a crime. Stunned and confused, he must contemplate what to do with the information now in his possession.

Festival year: 

The Girl from the South

La chica del sur

In 1989, just three weeks after the Tiananmen Square massacre, José Luis García attended the World Festival of Youth and Students in Pyongyang, North Korea. He documented the event with a VHS camera, inspired by the presence of Lim Su-Kyung, a student activist from Seoul who was boldly speaking out in favour of the peaceful reunification of North and South Korea. Su-Kyung created a further stir by announcing that she would cross the Panmunjom military border on foot, an act that would put her in danger of imprisonment or even death.



Stan Hunt is a red cedar wood carver, an art he learned from his father, Henry Hunt, and grandfather, Mungo Martin - master sculptors from the Kwakiutl First Nation from the northern side of Vancouver island. Stan is now working on the most significant piece of his life, a 42-foot totem pole carved from a 1500-year-old, 5-ton cedar tree, a project commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Public Spaces of the City of Buenos Aires. Once completed, his totem pole will travel 15,000 km by boat to reach Río de la Plata, Argentina.

Festival year: 

A chinese Tale

Un cuento chino

For over 20 years, introverted hardware store owner Roberto (Ricardo Darín of the Oscar-winning The Secret in Their Eyes) has lived virtually shut off from the outside world. Roberto’s orderly yet lonely existence is disrupted when Jun, a young man from China stumbles into his path. Jun has just landed in Buenos Aires in search of his uncle, his only living relative, but does not speak a word of Spanish. Roberto suddenly finds himself the custodian of this stranger as he is unwillingly caught up in Jun’s predicament.

Festival year: 

Historic short films from Argentina’s National School of Cinematographic Experimentation and Filmmaking

El pendulo (The Pendulum)

Dir: Fabián Bielinsky/ 1980/ 05’

Arden los juegos (Burning Games)

Dir: Gustavo Mosquera/ 1984/ 11’

El fueye (The Bandoneón)

Dir: Tristán Bauer/ 1982/ 6.’44’’

Borges 75

Dir: G. Zorraquin/Beda Docampo Feijóo 1975/ 10’

Guacho Abel

Dir: Victor Alejandro Gonzalez/ 1987/ 7’47’’

El eco (The Echo)

Dir: Ana Poliak/ 1983/ 3’30’’

IV Edén

Dir: esteban Sapir/ 1990/ 9’30’’

Festival year: 


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