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Andean Horror Film Fest

Since 1996 there exists in Peru a peripheral film industry known as Regional cinema, an umbrella term that includes all productions made outside of Lima, the capital city. This cinema encompasses a wide variety of genres, of which horror and melodrama are the most popular.

Andean horror films are adaptations of local folktales and mythological creatures, which is why they are so popular throughout the Andean region. Through their fantastic stories, they explore social insecurities, political frustrations and fears, allowing for a cathartic outlet for individual and collective angst. It's no surprise, then, that Ayacucho, the province that was most savagely hit by the internal armed conflct (1980-2000), is the biggest producer of horror films in Peru, many of which deal with the traumas of terrorism through the monstruous mythical creatures.

The aesthetics of the films reflect the artisanal quality of these independent productions, and this becomes their greatest virtue: a free detachment from institutionalized forms of audiovisual representation (as set by Hollywood's stardards), in favour of an aesthetic that evokes the performativity of live oral storytelling.

Whether you are a fan of fantastic and horror or just have a healthy curiosity for other cultures, we welcome you to a celebration of folklore, fantasy and horror never before seen in Canadian screens. Don't miss this unique event... the films are not available online!

The festival will take place on October 16,17, 23 & 24

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