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Mixtec and Zapotec Short Film Showcase

Mexico, 2015

Ca Dxi rididi (Time Goes By)

Curated by Luna Marán, director of the Campamento Audiovisual Itinerante (Travelling Audiovisual Workshop) in Oaxaca.

SATURDAY, SEPT 12 | 7PM (following the Indigenous short films from Canada)
(with $2 VLAFF Membership)

A few years ago, I discovered that in Zapotec and Mixtec the word tiempo does not exist. “Moving image” is referred to as time. What is “moving image” as understood by the Zapotecs and Mixtecs? The films in this program have been created by Mexican youth in the Zapotec sierra in the State of Oaxaca, as part of their first incursion with cameras. The question remains in the air—if time does not exist for the Zapotecs or Mixtecs, what happens when the youth take hold of a camera?

The following five shorts were completed during the first, second and third editions of the Campamento Audiovisual Itinerante, an event for the learning, exchanging, producing, exhibiting and developing of audiovisual projects, which is run every year in a Zapotec community in the northern sierra of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Take 20 (Rodada 20)
2012 | 12 min

A young woman discovers a bicycle by the river’s edge. She looks after it as though it were a treasure, and it becomes a part of her life. As she rides her bicycle she experiences a newfound freedom… but not everything lasts forever.

2014 | 7 min

A pair of grandparents reminisce about an adventure on the day of their wedding.

Glances (Miradas)
2014 | 9 min

A sensual-sensorial exploration of space and daily life in the Zapotec community of Capulálpam de Méndez, Oaxaca.

For Walking (Tawä’äktäjk | Para el andar)
2013 | 16 min

Anita is a girl from a low-income background with an alcoholic father; because she has no shoes, she hurts her feet walking barefoot on the hill. Upon seeing her injured feet, her father decides to find her a pair of shoes by any means.

Greetings from a Magical Village (Saludos desde un Pueblo Mágico)
2014 | 20 min

A video letter from the children of Capulálpam de Méndez, Oaxaca. Through workshops produced by Ojo de Agua Comunicación, children learn to make videos while engaging with each other, allowing us to see the community through their eyes.

7:00 pm|SFU Woodward’s Goldcorp Centre for the Arts (GCA)
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CAI Filmmakers and Participants:

Take 20: Marisol Hernández Díaz, Pablo García Morales, Yovegami Ascona Mora, Andrea Michele Medina Rodríguez, Eleazar García Sánchez, Andrés Martínez Andrade, Mariana Bolivia García Flores Cast: Andrea Michele Medina Rodríguez, Carlos Espinoza, Mariana Bolivia García Flores, Marisol Hernández Díaz ⧫ Jarabe: Guillermo Morales Alfonso, Oscar Fernández Bustamante, Paulina Estrada Cepeda, Moises Román Beristaín, Gloria Stephanie Jiménez Castellanos, Ana Kruger Hidalgo Cast: Fray Filiberto Cruz Miguel, Canndy Jael Salvador Luna, Faustino Herrera Méndez, Matilde Pérez Gijón, Beatriz Gutierrez Gijón ⧫ Glances: Getsemani Cortés, Sinhué Ascona, Anna Gatica, María de Jesús Ávila, Sején Luna, Claudia Pozo, Norma Montes Cast: Anna Gatica ⧫ Tawä’äktäjk: Sandra García Santiago, Rosalba Jiménez Gómez, Rubí Reyes Jarquín, Alexei Rivera López, Dinazar Urbina Mata, Nancy Vázquez (Xuu´kx) Cast: Anita Méndez Luna, Hazael Acevedo, Elizabeth Martínez Luna, José Méndez Alexei Riviera López, María Victoria Martínez, Guadalupe Pérez Méndez ⧫ Greetings from a Magical Village: Manuel Alejandro García Cosmes, Aranza Luna Concha, Christian Pérez García, Pablo Córdova Ramírez, Rubén Pablo Paz, Dafne Hai Arreurtua Gregorio, Freddy Antonio Pérez Arreortua, Fernando Abad Vargas Méndez.