Indigenous Film from BC & Beyond

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Monday, Sept. 1, 2014

7:30PM | Djavad Mowafaghian Cinema
Goldcorp Centre for the Arts/ SFU
3rd Floor, 149 West Hastings Street (between Cambie and Abbott)


The Free Screening Series at the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts on Aug. 31 and Sept. 1
is supported by SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement.

Admission is on a first-come, first-seated basis. $2 VLAFF Membership required.
Available for purchase at the door.


In this third edition of Indigenous Film from BC & Beyond, VLAFF is proud to present a series of short films from First Nations filmmakers from BC alongside works by Mixtec and Zapotec filmmakers from Oaxaca, Mexico.


Spaces to Survive

In collaboration with and curated by the Vancouver Indigenous Media Arts Festival (VIMAF) and in association with the Nighthawk Arts Festival.

Featuring media shorts from Hannah Leona, Kinnie Starr, Melody McKiver and Amanda Strong. Works explore the re-Indigenization of urban spaces, and the urbanization of wild spaces. Culture helps transport us to safe wild spaces, and brings wilderness to our urban rezervations. Violence against Indigenous Peoples, violence against Mother Earth, violence against women, violence. These Indigenous media artists make emotionally courageous media artworks that inspire, soothe and replenish. - VIMAF


The Letter R
Director: Hannah Leona
2013 / 8 min
During the Walk for Reconciliation in June 2013, elders, survivors, youth, volunteers and walkers were invited to reflect on reconciliation using the letter “R”.


Breaking the Silence
By Community Action Research Team
2013 / 10 min
Breaking the Silence tells the story of Ori, a sixteen-year-old Tlicho girl from the Northwest Territories who is a victim of a violent assault.

Save Our Water: Haida Raid Series

Haida Raid 2: A Message to Stephen Harper
By Haidawood
2012 / 4’33” min
An animated puppet activism video that was made for the Joint Review Panel, featuring the rap protest song “Pipe Dreams” written and performed by the Haida Hippies.

Haida Raid 3: Save Our Waters
By Haidawood
2014 / 6 min
The people of Haida Gwaii oppose both the controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline and the introduction of oil tanker traffic to the northwest coast of Canada. This newest chapter in the series features the song “Who Will Save Our Waters?” by Kinnie Starr.

Looking at the Devil
By Aspects
2014 / 4’45” min
Our job is to be an awake people...utterly conscious, to attend to our world.

Ga Waabmin Gaye / Nemolnek Elt Ni'nen
Director: Melody McKiver
2014 / 3’30” min
The film goal is to re-assert Indigenous presence in public spaces, while borrowing from an urbanized street art aesthetic.

Honey For Sale
Director: Amanda Strong
2011 / 6 min
Honey for Sale uses bees as a metaphor to explore and contextualize our current situation as humans on this earth.


#AmorComunal: Mixtec and Zapotec Short Film Showcase

Curated by Luna Marán, director of the Travelling Audiovisual Camp (Campamento Audiovisual Itinerante) in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The Mixtecs and the Zapotecs are prehispanic peoples that have resisted more than 500 years of conquest and colonization. Today, young filmmakers from Oaxaca, Mexico who are the descendants of these peoples have decided to highlight their love, death, sorrow, and power using the colours and the music that surrounds them.


Music for After Sleeping
(Música para después de dormir)
Director: Nicolás Rojas Sánchez
Mexico, 2013
Mixtec and Spanish with English subtitles/ 10 min
Fidencia, a young violin player, undertakes the quest to look for the members of an old band to welcome his son. When life is silenced, music reunites us.

This Song is for Fatima
(Esta canción es para Fátima)
Director: Acelo Ruíz
Mexico, 2014
Zapotec and Spanish with English subtitles/ 22 min

Domingo is in love with his classmate, Fatima. To conquer her heart, he is determined to buy an mp3 player...a difficult feat in Mexico’s Zapotec mountains. On his way to find such a device, he meets Charal, an alcoholic and homeless man who decides to help him. 

Tiricia, or How to Heal Sadness (La tiricia o cómo curar la tristeza)
Director: Ángeles Cruz
Mexico, 2012
Spanish with English subtitles, 12 min

Tiricia is known as the soul’s illness, the one that saddens the heart. This is the story of three generations of tirician women: Ita, Justa and Alicia (grandmother, mother and daughter). They have suffered, tolerated and absorbed abuse, thereby encouraging the disease. Alicia decides to put an end to that vicious cycle and not to leave it as an inheritance for the next generation.

The Last Advice (El último consejo)

Director: Itandehui Jansen
Mexico, 2012
Mixtec and Spanish with English subtitles/ 12 min

In this Indigenous community’s change of command ceremony, a council of elders passes on their leadership to a group of younger men, and all the money in the community’s cashbox is counted publicly. However, the next day the cashbox is empty. Who took the money?


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