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Ariel + The Field of Possible

Canada / Argentina, 2013

Spanish with English subtitles.

When Ariel was just 33, his legs were shredded by an industrial dough mixer in Mendoza, Argentina. He became a living embodiment of the ongoing duel between man and machine. From that point on, he began to rediscover the meaning of freedom: to rebuild his broken identity, keep his family together and design his own prosthetic legs. Following Ariel for 10 years from the time of the accident, director Laura Bari has created an intimate and metaphorical portrait of Ariel’s newfound transhumanity, juxtaposing his daily life with dreamlike inner worlds—and pushing the boundary between the real and the imaginary.

“This young man dreams of standing on his own two feet again... not the ones he was born with, but the ones he will make with his own two hands. A profoundly inspirational story.” Havana Film Festival

Ariel tiene 33 años cuando sus dos piernas son aplastadas por una máquina industrial que está reparando. Cinco años después de haber perdido sus piernas, Ariel recurre a sus conocimientos de ingeniería y de mecánica para forzar a su imaginación a crear sus propias prótesis. Se trata de una historia emocionante, en la cual el precario equilibrio emocional de un hombre se a fortaleciendo a lo largo de su excepcional metamorfosis, en un ejemplo de extraordinario instinto de supervivencia que refleja la valentía y el ingenio del pueblo latinoamericano.


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(Le champ de possibles)

Canada/Mexico, 2014
No dialogue / 10 min

Director: Matías Meyer

An impossible day in a vacant field in Montréal.

3:00 pm|The Cinematheque (CIN)
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Laura Bari (b. Argentina) is a self-taught filmmaker who currently resides in Montreal. Her first featrue-length film, Antoine (2009), was shown at over 30 festivals around the world, winning 15 prizes. Her second film, Ariel (2013), had its international premiere at IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.


Director: Laura Bari
Writers: Lucía Carreras, Michael Rowe
Producers: Sarah Spring, Nathalie Cloutier, Laura Bari
Cinematographer:  Laura Bari
Editors: Martina Moor, Laura Bari