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Things the Way They Are

(Las cosas como son)
Chile, 2012

Spanish with English subtitles

Director: Fernando Lavanderos Producers: Matías Cardone, Macarena Cardone, Macarena Concha Screenplay: Fernando Lavanderos, Rodrigo Ossandón, Gonzalo Verdugo Cinematographer: Andrés Garcés Art Direction: Marisol Torres Editor: Rodrigo Saquel Music: Sebastián Vergara Principal Cast: Ragni Ørsal Skogsrød, Cristóbal Palma, Isaac Arriagada

In the city of Santiago, the socially reserved 30-year-old Jerónimo rents rooms to foreigners and lives vicariously through them. When 23-year-old Sanna, a stunningly beautiful woman from Norway, arrives one day, she brings a new purpose to his life. Jerónimo tries to woo her, but just as he believes he may be successful, his suspicions get the best of him; he finds out that she is hiding something at the house, awakening his worst fears. Part character portrait, part psychological thriller, Things the Way They Are is a fascinating and complex look at modern-day Santiago and its deep-seated social prejudices.

Lavanderos is able to dramatize ideological issues in an impressively naturalistic fashion, and the performances he gets from his actors are excellent across the board. Michael Glover Smith, White City Cinema

Jerónimo, un joven de 30 años, es un tipo antisocial que arrienda habitaciones a extranjeros y les registra sus cosas. A su casa llega a vivir Sanna, una bella joven nórdica que le trae sentido a su vida. Jerónimo intenta conquistarla, y cuando parece haberlo logrado, surgen sospechas al descubrir que esconde algo en la casa, despertando sus peores temores.

9:30 pm|The Cinematheque (CIN)
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Fernando Lavanderos was born in Chile in 1974. A film professor since 2007, he made his first feature film And Cows Fly in 2004. His second feature, Things the Way They Are, won the Latin American competition at Mar del Plata and the Best Director Award at the Havana Film Festival, New York .