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Playa Coloniale

Canada / Cuba, 2012

French and Spanish with English subtitles

Director/Screenwriter/Cinematographer/Editor: Martin Bureau & Luc Renaud Producer: Taupe Vidéo Music: Fred Fortin, Olivier Langevin, Dan Thouin


Winter in Québec. Blinding snow. Freezing fingers. Endless complaining. Why endure wind chill factors and six hours of daylight when you can escape to a dream vacation in the sun at an all-inclusive resort? The warm, turquoise ocean of Cuba is just a plane ride away. By putting to the test the tenacious paradigm of salutary tourism, Playa Coloniale is a grinding look at an industry that, along with its users, rarely questions itself. Whether you see tourism as a source of economic development or a modern form of colonialism, this documentary will make you think about exactly what is included in the all-inclusive. Director Martin Bureau will be in attendance to have a dialogue with the audience.

The duo scratch beneath the surface and dare to show us another reality, much less known than what is in the publicity brochures at our travel agencies. CinéTFO

El invierno en Québec: nieve, frío tremendo y quejas. ¿Por qué soportar el invierno duro cuando podemos comprarnos la semana de los sueños bajo el sol en un hotel todo incluido? Finalmente hay que poder relajarse en ¡CUBA! Al poner a prueba el paradigma tenaz del turismo saludable, Playa Coloniale es una intrusión crítica en una industria que, junto con sus usuarios, no se cuestiona a sí misma. ¿Es el dinero que gastamos en realidad una fuente de progreso y empoderamiento económico? Playa Coloniale da voz a los protagonistas de esta problemática. El director Martin Bureau estará en la sala para tener un diálogo con el público.

3:00 pm|The Cinematheque (CIN)
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Québécois visual artist Martin Bureau and geographer Luc Renaud’s first film, Une tente sur Mars (A Tent on Mars), obtained a Special Mention for Best First Documentary at the Rendez-vous du cinema québécois festival and was nominated for a 2010 Jutra Award. Their second film, Playa Coloniale premiered at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Quebec City.