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Eufrosina’s Revolution

(La revolución de los alcatraces)
Mexico, 2012

Spanish with English subtitles

Director: Luciana Kaplan Producer: Henner Hofmann, Liliana Pardo, Karla Bukantz Screenplay: Luciana Kaplan, Diego Delgado Cinematographer: Gabriel Hernández Editor: Yibran Asuad Music: Daniel Hidalgo Valdés Sound: Santiago Arroyo

As a young woman, Eufrosina Cruz Mendoza decided to embark on a campaign to break the cycle of teenage pregnancy and domestic poverty that she saw growing up in Santa María Quiegolani, Oaxaca. To this end, the charismatic Eufrosina ran for town mayor in 2007, but her victory was rejected because she was a woman. Determined not to be ignored, she began a personal crusade for gender equality in indigenous communities, questioning the current system of “Uses and Customs” and becoming a controversial icon for many women. This inspiring film is a portrait of her courageous journey and social awakening, and her struggle against the seductive offerings of political power.

An eye-opening look at a new breed of politician, one who questions whether power is a problem or a privilege. Angie Driscoll, Hot Docs

Después de negarle el derecho de ser Presidenta Municipal de Santa María Quiegolani, Oaxaca - sólo por el hecho de ser mujer - Eufrosina Cruz Mendoza comienza una lucha personal para conseguir la igualdad de género en las comunidades indígenas, cuestionando los “Usos y Costumbres” y convirtiéndose en referente de muchas de las mujeres en el estado de Oaxaca. La película es el retrato del viaje valiente de Eufrosina y su despertar social, el cual cambia radicalmente al aceptar un puesto en la Cámara de Diputados de su estado.

3:00 pm|The Cinematheque (CIN)
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Luciana Kaplan was born in Argentina and has lived in Mexico since 1975. Eufrosina’s Revolution, her directorial debut, had its world premiere at Hot Docs in Toronto. The film received an Honourable Mention at the Morelia Film Festival and was nominated for Best Documentary at the 2013 Ariel Awards in Mexico.