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The Hyperwomen

(As hiper mulheres)
Brazil, 2011

Directors: Carlos Fausto, Leonardo Sette, Takumã Kuikuro Producers: Carlos Fausto, Vincent Carelli Screenplay: Carlos Fausto, Leonardo Sette, Takumã Kuikuro Cinematographers: Mahajugi Kuikuro, Munai Kuikuro, Takumã Kuikuro Editor: Leonardo Sette

In the Kuikuro homeland of the Upper Xingu of central Brazil, the people make preparations for the Jamurikumalu ritual: a festival of singing and dancing that is only performed by women. The problem is that the only woman who knows all the songs is seriously ill. With refreshingly sexually suggestive commentary and comedic elements, this astounding documentary follows the Kuikuro in a race against time to preserve the knowledge of their elders and the practice of their traditions before they are lost forever.

The beauty surrounding this event is conveyed in this film thanks to the special sensitivity of its three directors. Far from presenting an ethnographic distance... we find ourselves with an austere setting and sensational sequences that immerse us into the ritual. BAFICI

Temendo a morte da esposa idosa, um velho pede que seu sobrinho realize o Jamurikumalu, o maior ritual feminino do Alto Xingu (MT), para que ela possa cantar uma última vez. As mulheres do grupo começam os ensaios enquanto a única cantora que de fato sabe todas as canções se encontra gravemente doente. As Hiper Mulheressegue o povo Kuikuro em uma corrida contra o tempo para preservar as tradições de seus antepassados antes que elas se percam para sempre.

7:30 pm|The Cinematheque (CIN)
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Leonardo Sette’s first short, Ocidente, received the award for Best Film at Rio de Janeiro’s International Short Film Festival. - Takumã Kuikuro was raised and educated by family in the Xingu Indigenous Reservation in the Brazilian Amazon. - Carlos Fausto is a documentary photographer and Associate Professor of Anthropology at the Museu Nacional (UFRJ). As hiper mulheres had its world premiere at the Rotterdam Film Festival.