Shorts in Competition: Program 1

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Sept 5-2014 | 5:00PM
The Cinematheque (CIN)
1131 Howe Street (between Helmcken and Davie)
Community Partner: Vancouver Short Film Festival


A CUP OF COFFEE AND WAIT (Tomou café e esperou)
Brazil, 2013
Portuguese with English subtitles / 13 min
Director: Emiliano Cunha


Carlos goes to the kitchen and makes some coffee; only time separates yesterday from the present and all the things that should have been said, but never were.

AFTER (Después)
Argentina, 2013
Spanish with English subtitles / 15 min
Director: Valeria Pérez Delgado


Three brothers and one village. Three ages. Three realities. A car without gasoline. A name written on a piece of paper. The silence of the fields turns them into strangers.

THE ABSENCE (La ausencia)
Mexico, 2013
Spanish with English subtitles / 12 min
Director: Saulo Corona


A school guard, tired and growing old, and a lonely young woman, dialing someone who won’t answer her calls, go about their daily lives in a chaotic city, searching, longing...

Mexico, 2014
Spanish with English subtitles / 11 min
Director: Sandra Reynoso


Carina is eight and likes rock ‘n’ roll. Her life changes completely when she believes that her new teacher is the same woman whom she saw in her father’s erotic magazine.

Mexico, 2013
Spanish with English subtitles / 12 min
Director: César Augusto Villarreal


Juan is a frustrated television sales clerk who aspires to everything the world of advertising offers; but this better life continues to escape him.

Mexico, 2014
Spanish with English subtitles / 4 min
Director: Pablo Orta


A group of young boys draws straws to see who will perform a grim task; the youngest loses and is reluctant to fulfill the deal.

SHARK (Tubarão)
Brazil, 2013
English with Spanish subtitles/ 13 min
Director: Leo Tabosa

An audiovisual take on the difficulties a foreigner must endure to adjust to his new life.

Chile, 2013
Spanish with English subtitles / 11 min
Director: Marcelo Kiwi


Marcelo Rossi, 78 years old, lives alone and without family. Known as "The Chilean Elvis," he wanders the streets of Valparaíso acting as if he were the King of Rock himself.



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