Caribbean Shorts

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14:00 | SFU Harbour Center (HARB) | FREE SCREENING ($2 Festival Membership Required) | Seated in order of arrival.

Curated by Emilie Upczak, Creative Director of the trinidad+tobago film festival.


The Chiney Shop

Canada, 2011
English/ 26 min
Director: Jeanette Kong

From the 1930s to the early 1970s in Jamaica, Chinese-owned grocery stores were located everywhere from busy street corners in downtown Kingston to remote towns in every parish. This documentary explores the complex relationship and social interaction between the Chinese shopkeepers and their Jamaican customers.

Mr. Crab

Canada, 2012
English/ 9 min
Director: Faisal Lutchmedial

A Gondry-esque film about a frightened child who escapes into a dream world of beautiful tropical fish deep in the Caribbean Sea; but can he get away from the terrifying claws of Mr. Crab?


Haiti/UK/Canada, 2011
Haitian Creole with English subtitles/ 35 min
Director: Emily McMehen
Cinematography: Geoffrey Sautner

Achantè is a unique portrait of Haitian Vodou that parallels the Vodou creation story with the historical creation of the free nation of Haiti.


Canada/Trinidad & Tobago, 2010
English/ 4 min
Director: Janine Fung
Written and performed by Trinidadian spoken word poet Muhammad Muwakil

“i reminisced of a time when we could go outside before dawn and sit in the galleries, now we hide from our own shadows behind iron and bolts until the sun chases the night’s silent violence away...4am in trinidad is 4am just about anywhere on this earth...but i have not given up my ray of light.” Muhammad

Doubles with Slight Pepper

Canada/USA/Trinidad & Tobago, 2011
English/ 15:51 min
Director: Ian Harnarine

A young man in Trinidad must decide if he will help save his estranged father's life despite their strained relationship.