Official Selection 2013

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Sadourni’s Butterflies

Las mariposas de Sadourní

In this stylized, surrealistic melodrama, a circus dwarf named Sadourni is jailed for a crime of passion. Serving a twenty-year prison sentence, he is faced with a dilemma: to escape and endure life as a fugitive, or to adjust to society's expectations through an extreme physical metamorphosis. The result is utterly captivating.

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She Doesn’t Want to Sleep Alone

No quiero dormir sola

Amanda finds her aimless life is altered when she is forced to come to the aid of her alcoholic grandmother. Dolores is a retired actress who lives alone amongst the faded photographs of her past glory. And, as each bottle of whiskey empties, her memory slips further. Until now, Amanda has not had much of a relationship with her grandmother, and she takes on her new role of caretaker reluctantly. The obsessions of a young woman and the eccentricities of an aging one meet head-on in this artfully constructed drama that poignantly questions what it means to grow old.

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Sergeant Nelson Almada plays lead trumpet in Uruguay’s Air Force band, but lately he has been feeling out of step with his life. At 45 years old, he realizes that the musical aspirations of his youth are in danger of never being fulfilled. A national songwriting contest presents Nelson with the opportunity he has been longing for - to showcase his abilities and achieve his dream of recording his own album. But the highly regimented Air Force allows little flexibility for personal artistic pursuits, and they have other plans for him.